The adventure to the far north begins with an exhilarating flight towards Oslo. Flying over the endless forests of the far north is truly a majestic feeling. After several hours of flight time, we reach Oslo, the bustling capital of Norway. We make a stopover to explore the city and enjoy its beauty before continuing on to the Arctic region. The Norwegian Maritime Museum, located on the waterfront, or the Vikingskipshuset with Viking ships from the 9th century – both situated on the peninsula of Bygdøy. From the Holmenkollbakken ski jump, there's a beautiful panoramic view over the fjord.

Arrival in Tromsø

Our next destination is Tromsø, the jewel of the North. Once again, the flight from Oslo to Tromsø is marked by incredible beauty. Flying over glistening fjords as we approach the Arctic region is a breathtaking experience.

Upon landing in Tromsø, we were greeted by its distinctive landscape. The rugged mountains towering majestically over the city and the crisp air immediately captivate us. After checking into a cozy hotel, it's recommended to explore the surroundings. The colorful little houses are captivating, and the harbor, from where expedition ships journey with tourists to the island of Spitsbergen, ignites adventurous spirits.

Further Northern Adventures

The following days offer opportunities to explore the fascinating surroundings of Tromsø. A husky sled ride through the snow-covered landscape and the silence and sublime beauty of the Arctic wilderness are truly incredible.

Experiencing a traditional dinner in a Sami tent (lavvu) and witnessing the captivating display of the Northern Lights on the way back home are memories that are unforgettable and leave us speechless.