From booking to takeoff, a myriad of tasks must be meticulously planned and prepared well in advance, all without the passenger ever noticing. Our goal is for passengers to be picked up without any stress, enjoy a relaxed takeoff with us, and land at their desired destination. However, operations don't always run smoothly. Slots may be unexpectedly rescheduled, and weather conditions can disrupt our plans. Indeed, it's possible for guests to arrive late at the airport.

From the moment a flight request is received, everything must be efficiently organized. At Aviathor, we rely on the latest and most secure planning tools. The reservation of slots at both departure and arrival destinations is priority one, following the approval of the quote. Immediately thereafter, customs declarations must be filed. Since some smaller airports lack customs facilities, customs officials must be present at the time of landing.

If shuttle services at a destination are requested or any other special requirements, it's essential to notify the handling team. Of course, a rough flight plan is necessary even before compiling the initial cost estimate, to calculate the flight time.

Catering is ordered according to individual preferences, ensuring that, for instance, the meatloaf sandwich is always from Sprüngli - we fulfill nearly every wish. On the day of departure, the apron service must be informed that the aircraft needs to be ready, and the pre-ordered refueling must also be arranged.

While this might sound chaotic, it isn't, as everything operates according to plan! But what happens if a pilot becomes ill or is otherwise unable to fly? We must still be able to conduct the flight. For such situations, we have pilots ready to step in at short notice and carry out the flight to our stringent quality standards. Our passengers are personally welcomed and greeted; ensuring everyone feels comfortable and safe is of utmost importance to us.

Now, nothing should stand in the way of departure – or should it? Even here, we undoubtedly have a solution. Always expect the unexpected.