Side View of the Pilatus PC-12/47
PC-12 /47

PC-12 / 47

Zürich LSZH, Switzerland
3'498 km
Max. Speed
537 km/h
Max. Altitude
9144 m (30'000 ft)
6 Passengers: 6 Suitcases
8 Passengers: Hand Luggage
Fully certified for sustainable aviation fuel
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Versatile Masterpiece: The Pilatus PC-12

The Pilatus PC-12 is not just an airplane – it's a masterpiece of versatility. Thanks to the Pilatus PC-12's ability to operate from smaller airports, you save valuable time. Avoid long waits and optimize your travel route to reach your destinations as efficiently as possible.

The spacious cabin of the Pilatus PC-12 was designed with ultimate comfort in mind. With seating for [number of passengers] passengers, it offers a luxurious environment where you can relax and fully enjoy your journey. High-quality materials and top-notch design create an atmosphere of elegance and style.

The Pilatus PC-12 stands out for its impressive efficiency and performance. Equipped with a powerful turboprop propulsion system, it allows you to reach your destinations quickly and efficiently, without compromising on safety. Our model additionally features a 7-blade propeller, which significantly reduces noise levels in the cabin. This aircraft offers the perfect balance between speed, range, and economy.

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Closeup Photo of the Front Rotor of Pilatus PC-12/47
Silent 7

The Silent 7

Step aboard our aircraft featuring the innovative Silent 7 propeller – the world's first 7-bladed MT-Propeller. Enhance your flight with improved performance in takeoff, climb, and cruise. Delight in the serene cabin atmosphere, thanks to remarkably low noise levels. Experience the jet-like sound for an unforgettable journey. Glide effortlessly through the skies, ensuring maximum comfort throughout. Trust in the Silent 7 for a confident and tranquil flying experience.
Photo of a Digital Control Panel in the Pilots Cockpit of Pilatus PC-12/47
Garmin Cockpit

Garmin Cockpit

Discover Garmin's cutting-edge technology, now available to all members. Our PC-12 boasts the latest safety features and all-Garmin panel, ensuring exhilarating yet secure flights. Elevate your experience with our upgraded cockpit, where innovation meets reliability. Join our club today and embark on your next adventure with confidence, comfort, and convenience!
Photo of the interior of the Private Jet Pilatus PC-12/47
Soundproofing Kit

Soundproofing Kit

Experience tranquility in our PC-12 cabin, enhanced with a premium soundproofing kit designed to minimize noise. In our quiet aircraft, every journey becomes a serene experience, ensuring you arrive feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, free from travel fatigue. By traveling in our quiet aircraft, you'll enjoy a more comfortable cabin environment, thanks to our commitment to superior quality products. Your comfort is our priority.
Side-view of the Pilatus 12/47 with an open Engine-Flap, exposing the engine
Less is more

Less is more

Forget what you've heard—single-engine planes are safer than you think! In fact, a close look at the safety stats from the last twenty years reveals what pilots already know: single-engine aircraft are solid, cost-effective, and safe. With cutting-edge tech and strict safety standards, they offer a thrilling, secure way to explore the skies. Discover why they're the ultimate pick for your next airborne journey!


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