The Aviathor Club is a blend of exclusivity, luxury, bespoke services, and a sense of community.


Joining the Aviathor.CLUB is a unique Adventure of custom made, exclusive and unforgettable experiences.

A Unique Adventure

Aviathor.CLUB offers exclusive memberships for pilots, aircraft owners, and executives. Our goal is to use our expertise to create a premier destination for unique and passionate private flying experiences. Aviathor.CLUB is not just a place to meet, discover, and connect, but also a platform to create unforgettable memories in the sky.

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Our Vision

Our vision for the Aviathor.Club is to offer our members an exclusive opportunity to experience business travel in a sustainable and responsible manner in the future. We aim to
provide them with access to a unique selection of eco-friendly travel options, prioritizing environmental responsibility without compromising on quality. Through innovative offerings and services, we strive to build a community of environmentally conscious travelers who are
committed to shaping a sustainable future together.
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Our Mission

The mission of Aviathor.Club is to contribute to promoting a sustainable future through digitization and innovative technologies. Our aircraft, such as the PC-12, are based on a single-engine concept aimed at traveling farther, faster, and more comfortably - all while reducing costs and CO2 emissions. Whenever possible, we utilize Sustainable Aviation Fuel and actively support a CO2 compensation program to minimize our environmental footprint. Additionally, we provide our members access to sustainable investment funds. Join visionary club members who are working towards a future worth looking forward to.
A young woman at a photo-shoot, walking infront of a private jet.
Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

An integral part of our identity and guiding principles for our success is the mission to make a significant contribution to promoting a sustainable future through digitization and innovative technologies, guided by our values. Professionalism ensures our members receive top-notch service, trust forms the basis for long-term relationships, passion drives us to provide the best solutions, while safety, responsibility, and reliability are our highest priorities.

Who we are

Introducing the faces behind Aviathor.CLUB

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Pre Payed Flight Cards

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