Preparing for a journey with children or a dog? The preparation for a flight isn't much different from that involving adults only. Particularly toddlers, who often resist being buckled up, but we've got a solution for that too. Dogs can comfortably fly in their usual crate or even without one, just as they're accustomed to. Toys like Barbie dolls, Lego Duplo, and stuffed animals are always welcome to accompany you. We're also responsible for cleaning the aircraft, and it's always amusing to find Lego pieces or toy soldiers in the Dyson vacuum. It's a real tragedy – and it has happened – when a beloved sleep toy or pacifier gets left behind on the plane. We always make it a priority to return these items as quickly as possible.

"Can I visit the cockpit?" Absolutely!

Children are always welcome to take a peek into the cockpit and even sit in the co-pilot's seat, feeling just like Tom Cruise in Top Gun. We're also excited to welcome the next generation of flight attendants aboard. However, having dogs in the cockpit is more complicated. There have been instances where the owner fell asleep, and the dog ended up standing next to the pilot in the cockpit.

How big can a dog be to still be allowed to fly lying down? The largest dog we've flown with was a Doberman. We generally don't have strict rules about this, but it's something we assess on a case-by-case basis. Importantly, since animal entry regulations vary by country, we ask that you check these, including vaccination requirements, in advance. And if you're planning a party for your son or daughter's 18th birthday in Cannes, we're more than happy to organize the flight for you. With that said, let's get the party started!