Experiencing the City of Love in just one day? Yes, it's possible, and you might almost feel like you're in "Emily in Paris", or perhaps on a first date with the city itself. Is it the art that captivates you, with the Louvre, the l'Orangerie, and the masterpiece "Water Lilies," or perhaps the Fondation Vuitton? This naturally leads us to fashion, with Fashion Weeks taking place annually at the end of February. What are the trends of the Ready-to-Wear shows this year? It's not just about the star designers and luxury labels presenting their autumn and winter collections; new trends are also being set on the front rows and on the streets. The most enchanting images and styles are best experienced in person.

Did you know that ordering a croissant with butter is considered a sin? We're happy to share other secrets when you book your flight with us as a club member.

Paris is also a perfect destination for a companion on a business trip, allowing you to combine business with pleasure seamlessly. VOILÀ!